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Private training sessions in person & online

Women’s Fitness Coach

Female body is different. So should be the approach to training a female body. It needs personalized fitness program designed specifically for every stage of womanhood ranging from pre-natal& post- natal, to perimenopause, to ACL surgery recovery to post- menopause and mindful aging using evidence-based practices and lifestyle medicine principles. One milestone at a time!

Pre Natal Training

Exercise for a pregnant woman can have profound effects on her health and her baby’s experience in utero. We will be using exercises that are appropiate for each trimester and how you are feeling that day, keeping in mind that intensive exercise is not the optimal goal during this stage of your life. Our primary goal will be getting you to a place where you feel more relaxed and less symptomatic so you can focus on enjoying this incredible experience in your life!

Post Natal Training

Exercise after pregnancy:  The journey to motherhood starts with getting back on your feet! We will be reconnecting your feet with core exercises and variations, working gently on your postural deviations. It is essential to new moms to take care of ourselves so we can take care of our children. And chances are, children may be the best motivation we ever had.

Pre/Post Natal exercise

After two pregnancies I’ve personally dealt with diastasis recti, lower crossed body syndrome, and bad posture, to name a few things. Helping expectant and new mothers to regain daily function & movement with confidence is a very fulfilling professional experience for me. It’s also one that requires specific knowledge & skills. As an American Council on Exercise (ACE) fitness specialist, we will also follow guidelines set forth by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) to create a program for your unique needs.

Corporate Remote& In Person Wellness Training

Discover the power of Corporate Remote & In Person Wellness Training to transform your workplace into a hub of vitality and resilience. Through a blend of remote and in-person sessions such as “Digital Detox& Tech Wellness”, “Posture Deviation”, ‘Lunch break desk stretching”, “Lunch break desk yoga” classes, let’s equip your team with practical tools& strategies to manage stress, boost energy and foster a culture of wellness.

Functional Training

Movement is essential part of well-being. But not all movement is created equal. Improper form, technique can lead to a short or long term injuries which can diminish results and/or desire to exercise. Functional training can help all adults move and train more effectively whether you are an elite athlete wanting to improve your speed or a grandparent wanting to get down and up again with your grandkid.

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Post-Orthopedic Surgery Exercise

Orthopedic injuries can have a devastating impact on one’s life. Together we will improve function, mobility, stability& strength which can lead to less pain, better health & increased all-around quality of life.

Life-Style Medicine Essentials

As a lifestyle medicine essentials specialist, we will emphasize the importance of healthy behaviors such as nutrition, physical activity, stress management, sleep quality, community building& substance-abuse control (6 pillars of lifestyle medicine) and develop a personalized plan that works best for your unique needs in order to prevent or even sometimes reverse chronic disease such as diabetes, obesity and hypertension so your overall wellness and vitality can be restored.

Weight management specialist

What does being overweight or obese make you feel like? Being overweight can be a challenge, a challenge that can leave you feeling overwhelmed. I’m eager to assist you to overcome your emotions with empathy and help develop skills to support your goals with basic life-style changes in a meaningful way.


What is a “text neck”? Can it be improved through exercise?

“Text neck”, is overuse syndrome, mainly caused by excessive leaning forward on the neck from looking down at any handheld mobile device. This postural deviation if not addressed can compromise the entire spinal structure. And yes it can be improved/prevented. As a certified post-orthopedic surgery specialist, we will work together to achieve postural reset and alignment.

Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy?

If you are healthy and your pregnancy is normal, it is safe to continue or start regular physical activity.  According to ACOG, exercise does not increase your risk for miscarriage, low birth weight or early delivery. If your health care professional gives you the thumbs up to exercise, we can work on a program that is right for you.

Is it normal to pee when you cough, laugh, jump, run postpartum?

Post-baby incontinence may be common but you don’t need to live with it. You can overcome this dysfunction through physiotherapy, training with pre/post natal exercise specialist such as myself.

How soon can I get back to vigorous exercise program after orthopedic surgery?

This is a very commonly asked question that does not have a simple answer. We see relapses on injuries due to individuals wanting to rush through rehabilitation phase. They may feel that they can handle more stringent exercises, so they dive into intense exercise. Let’s not add you to the current 80% of post orthopedic relapse numbers.! Let’s train smart so your gains won’t diminish. For more information contact me.

What role does personal training & fitness (1/6 pillars of lifestyle medicine) play in lifestyle medicine management? 

Personal training plays a crucial role in lifestyle medicine management by providing tailored exercise programs, behavioral support, risk assessment and monitoring, taking a holistic approach to health, and collaborating with healthcare professionals to promote overall wellbeing and disease prevention.

Is it Ok for a woman to train with heavy weights?

Yes, ! It is more than ok . One of the biggest misconceptions with weight training is that women should lift weight lighter to avoid “bulking up”. The truth is women can’t bulk up like man because they have different hormone profile.

Can repetitive ab exercises such as crunch give the “six pack “look? 

Luckily no it doesn’t. I say luckily because that would be such a boring thing to be doing constantly. While exercising the muscles in the abdominal area may increase endurance or strength, it won’t burn off the fat in that area. Spot reduction doesn’t work, either for the abs or for any part of the body. If you have excessive fat stored in your body, you need to create caloric deficit through exercise and diet. For more information, feel free to contact me.

I’m over-weight. In fact my whole family is overweight. Is it in my DNA? Should I even try losing weight?

Good news ! It’s not all in your genes. According to a recent study conducted by Harvard School of Public Health (Obesity prevention Source), small portion of your genes are considered to be the cause. Changing your way of life can improve if not reverse the effects of your DNA. Are you ready to make the change with me?

First 30-minute free consultation

In a 30-minute free consultation session, I will be conducting various comprehensive tests to evaluate the health status & level of fitness of the client. This includes postural assessment from head to toe, which is essential in creating an injury-free and unique program, working with pre/existing or acute conditions, or managing injuries or pain at all levels

Hande Bertelsen_Personal Trainer Barcelona