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Hi, I’m Hande! A certified personal trainer from New York and a mom of two. I am passionate about helping people become a stronger version of themselves and be fit for life.

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Choose between individual or partnered sessions, conducted either in-person at your home or remotely, all designed to suit your schedule and preferences.

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Fit for Life is my mantra & my approach to life. I believe being fit is more than looks. It’s a state of mind, it’s a way of life. Together let’s create a practice that is you! So your goals can be sustainable, attainable at any stage of your life.

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Pregnancy & post-natal training

As a mother of two young boys, one with natural birth and other with c-section, I hear your joy & pain first-hand. Let me take a wild guess here: Low back pain, sciatica, restless legs at bedtime, or lack of energy? Perhaps we wonder how long after pregnancy will we stop looking pregnant? 

You are not alone! I personally dealt with diastasis recti, lower crossed body syndrome, and bad posture, to name a few.

Helping expectant and new mothers to regain daily function & movement with confidence is a very fulfilling professional experience for me. Let me help you too!

1:1 and partnered sessions

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Functional training

Functional training

Functional training can help all adults move and train more effectively whether you are an elite athlete wanting to improve your speed or a grandparent wanting to get down and up again with your grandkid.

Post-Orthopedic Surgery Exercise

Together we will improve function, mobility, stability & strength which can lead to less pain, better health & increased all-around quality of life.

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Be all you used to be

Be better now

Be all you can be

My training philosophy is centered around empowering clients to take a lifelong journey to wellness, through personalized program design and coaching. My training style integrates strength and mobility and flexibility. Together we will be moving and having fun in 3 planes of motions, while keeping in mind what our body is telling us today. Does it ask us to slow things down a little bit today, or challenge it all the way?

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First 30-minute free consultation

In a 30-minute free consultation session, I will be conducting various comprehensive tests to evaluate the health status & level of fitness of the client. This includes postural assessment from head to toe, which is essential in creating an injury-free and unique program, working with pre/existing or acute conditions, or managing injuries or pain at all levels.

“Is muscle loss inevitable as we age?”

Curious about what other clients say?

“Wanna work out with Hande? You will sweat but always get a good laugh while pushing yourself to the limits. She brings in great mood to the gym & will always lift up your spirits. Within the year I worked with Hande, we targeted my scoliosis and had great results. My posture improved greatly. I still use some of the movements we worked on years ago. She is someone who will learn how your body works and adapt the movements. Believe me, if she took care of my hamstrings she can take care of anything! Without doubt Hande is the best PT I’ve had! I wish I still lived in the same city with her.”

– Barış Uzel, from Vancouver  

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