Did you know that postpartum recovery is a life long journey?

Did you know that postpartum recovery is a lifelong journey?

That is correct. Postpartum recovery is truly a lifelong journey. Our bodies are never going to be the same. Now, this may sound too pessimistic, glass half empty approach to some of you. But why should our bodies look the same? Is it because society says so? When we think about what our bodies have “cooked up” for almost 10 months and that only to be followed by giving birth how can our bodies possibly be the same?

So does this mean we should completely give up on physical, mental and emotional recovery all together? The answer is absolutely NO! First, we need to start working on our mindset, our approach to recovery. The more we come to terms with the fact that this recovery will take more than few weeks or months, the easier the recovery can be. I can’t emphasis enough this “secret” to my clients. Once we accept this than we are simply creating a mindset that will allow us to be open to the possibility of achieving sustainable goals.

Be realistic with your goal settings. All or nothing mentality can quickly become frustrating and can lead to a huge set back on achieving your road to wellness. Studies have shown us that doing little bit of momevent everyday is far more effective than going all out once a week. Be consistent!

If you need coaching with setting goals, accountability, intrinsic motivation, please reach out to me. I’m here to listen and help.