Did you know that muscle loss can be preventable?

Is muscle loss inevitable as we age?


Sarcopenia, or muscle loss, is a natural process that occurs in everyone over time. However, did you know muscle loss can be preventable? There is something you can do about it:

According to a recent study conducted by Harvard School of Medicine,we start to lose 3-5% muscle mass per decade at age as young as 30. (https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/preserve-your-muscle-mass)

You may wonder if it’s a natural process of aging, why should I do something about it? That is a fair question. The answer is if we don’t do anything about it, we would be putting our bodies at greater risk for weakness and less mobility, which can result in fractures such as a broken hip, collarbone, leg, arm, or wrist.

So let’s together work on creating a unique program if you would like to work on preventing and/or reversing muscle loss!